DMS Supports Secret Families

DMS Raises Money for Secret Families
Posted on 11/25/2016
This is the image for the news article titled DMS Raises Money for Secret FamiliesHow hard did Delta Middle School students smash their goal of raising money for the annual Secret Families charity?  They smashed it about as hard as a pie smashing into the face of administrators and faculty members.

With a goal of raising at least $1,100, the students instead brought in $3,500.  This will help support six families for the Secret Families charity, a local organization founded by Al and Chris Holdren that provides Christmas presents and trees for needy families in all local school corporations.

Students brought in money and put the donations into the teacher's can that they hoped to see take a pie in the face.

Assistant Principal Brett Clark, sixth-grade teacher Rob Jones, seventh-grade teacher Joel Van Pelt, eighth-grade teacher Preston Phillips and staff member Ryan McQueen had pies thrown in their face. And in an extra addition to  the pie frenzy, so did teacher Kurt Griffis.

Griffis had agreed to dye his beard a bright pink if the students reached $1,100 in donations.  They far surpassed that total.

Phillips agreed to wear high heels for a day if they hit $1,200 -- and they went far beyond that total.

And Morgan Jones, the teacher in charge of the fundraiser, offered her own incentive:  if the kids surpassed $1,400 in donations, she would dab 1,400 times.  

No one imagined the students would raise $3,500!  Of course, the real winners are the local families that will experience a better Christmas due to the generosity of Delta Middle School families!